At Residential Mortgage Center, Inc., we combine superb client relations with comprehensive expertise in the mortgage industry.

Our Story

Margie started her company with her father in 1984. At that time, there were very few mortgage brokers or wholesale lenders. They were mainly doing challenged credit (what is now known as non-qualified mortgages) with finance companies. Then, in 1986, they partnered with their first wholesale conventional lenders. That gave them pricing that was competitive with the banks, laying the foundation of the business that RMC now does.

Also in 1986, they became the second institution on the east coast to install a processing system that was foundational to the industry. The new software was a game-changer for the way the company did business. In the early 1990s, Margie was asked to become the founding President of the Maryland Association of Mortgage Brokers. The industry had started to become regulated and needed an organization to work with the state commissioner and Maryland legislative bodies to produce rules and regulations that were fair to lenders and protected the consumers. Margie also became involved in the National Association of Mortgage Brokers. She stayed active in the associations for over ten years, working on education programs, conferences, and legislation.


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Collaborative Divorce

In 2005, Margie trained in Collaborative Divorce, an innovative divorce process designed to help separating couples resolve their disputes respectfully. Clients work with trained professionals—attorneys, coaches, child specialists, and financial advisors—to negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement that encourages open communication and information sharing without going to court. Margie is a past president of the Collaborative Project of Maryland, a non-profit providing the collaborative process to families of modest means. She also serves on the Board for several other Collaborative Divorce professional groups. Click here for more information on Collaborative Divorce in the DC metro area.

In 2012, Margie and a group of collaborative professionals founded the Collaborative Practice Center of Montgomery County (CPCMC) in Rockville, MD. The CPCMC is a supportive professional office environment that offers a variety of resources to help people going through separation and divorce, including attorneys, financial advisors, realtors, and mortgage lenders


In 2010, Margie designed the seminar “Divorce and the Marital Home” to share critical information with other professionals working with clients going through separation and divorce. The presentation includes topics such as using support as qualifying income, equity buyouts, title transfer, and valuing the marital home. Family law attorneys, mental health professionals, mediators, and financial advisors use this material to draft durable separation agreements. Over the years, she has given this presentation to over 500 attorneys and other divorce professionals.

Margie is a repeat guest on the podcast “Divorce on Planet Earth” and has frequently been on panel presentations regarding divorce and mortgages.

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Seeing a need for comprehensive, accessible information for individuals going through a divorce, Margie joined with Carol Randolph, the executive director of New Beginnings, to create the presentation “Divorce 101.” This series of six classes is taught by a group of highly qualified professionals on subjects such as the basics of divorce law, divorce process options, financial considerations, parenting plans, and finding support during the process. Since it’s beginning in the spring of 2013, this popular series has reached more than 500 people considering or going through a separation or divorce.

In The Community

A Locally Owned Business…Supporting Local Causes

Margie Hofberg, president and founder of Residential Mortgage Center, Inc., was born and raised in the DC metro area. She is committed to sharing her organizational and leadership skills with her community and has served on the Boards of several local non-profit organizations. RMC has a client-first focus and always keeps in sight that it serves those who live in our local communities.

Team Sponsorships

RMC is a proud sponsor of the DC Gay Flag Football League (DCGFFL) and Rogue Cornhole. Recently, we added DC Pride Volleyball (DCPVL) to the organizations we support. All are inclusive organizations that offer opportunities for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies.

As part of their sponsorship, RMC partners with local realtors to host an informational presentation, “Homebuying 101,” in the spring and fall. In this presentation, Margie uses her teaching skills and shares tips about obtaining and maintaining good credit and how to prepare for and qualify to buy a home.

RMC Team Sponsorships
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Arts on the Block

RMC has partnered with Arts on the Block (AOB) over the last five years commissioning art projects and sponsoring and participating in events such as Impact with Integrity: Community Empowerment and Corporate ESG.

For over 20 years, AOB has successfully collaborated with companies and governmental agencies to design, fabricate, and install public art in diverse communities. In addition to making our community beautiful, AOB provides a space for creative youth and emerging artists from multicultural backgrounds to create public art, contribute to their communities, join the creative workforce, and design the future.