Margie lifetime achievement award

Margie receives Washingtonian magazine Lifetime Achievement Award for Leading Lenders

Lifetime Achievement Award

This week, I was going to write about the benefits of using a mortgage broker since I was asked about it three times in the last two weeks. However, you will have to wait until next week’s newsletter to find out! Instead, I am honored to announce that I am in the April edition of Washingtonian magazine, where I received the Lifetime Achievement award as part of their Leading Lenders feature.

I have received many awards over the years, but this one is especially meaningful as it recognizes a lifetime of providing mortgages for my clients and their families in the DMV. 2024 marks 40 years of originating mortgages. That is a big number! I am grateful that many of you have included me in one of the most significant moments in your life – buying a home.

Changes in the Mortgage Industry

I started originating mortgages in 1984 when we were refinancing people from 14% to 12%. I have seen so many changes in the industry, including the emergence of the mortgage broker. I proudly am the founding president of the Maryland Association of Mortgage Brokers. I am so lucky that even after 40 years, I still love what I do. There are always new programs to learn, underwriting guidelines to interpret, and clients to meet. Thank you to many of you who have been part of my journey.

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