RMC no credit loan

No Credit Score? No Problem.

Dear Readers:

After almost 40 years of originating mortgages, I keep thinking that I have seen it all. Fortunately, there is always something new to learn. This month I was happily surprised to discover that I could do a mortgage for a couple where one of the borrowers did not have a credit score. They paid cash for everything and one partner had a really great credit score.

They met the following requirements:

  • The property was owner occupied.
  • The loan was for a purchase or rate refinance (not a cash-out refinance).
  • The borrower with the credit score was contributing more than 50% of the qualifying income.

Summer is just about over. Most children in our area are back in school or just about to go back. I did one final summer trip last weekend. I took my 7-year-old grandson on the train to Philadelphia. It was our first grandma/grandson trip without mom, dad, or baby brother. It was magical!

Have a great holiday weekend.


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