RMC in the Community

RMC in the Community

As most of you know, RMC actively supports organizations in our community. As the spring season winds down, I thought I would share some of the highlights:

DC Gay Flag Football

After 20 seasons of sponsoring the DC Gay Flag Football League (DCGFFL), I was awarded the “prestigious” honor of best fan at the end-of-season party. One of the reasons I support the DCGFFL (besides being able to legitimately watch my son play football each week) is that the league’s fundamental principle is that all activities, social and athletic, are conducted to be inclusive in nature.

DC Pride Volleyball

This season, I added DC Pride Volleyball (DCPVL) to the organizations I support. Like DCGFFL, DC Pride Volleyball is an inclusive organization that offers volleyball opportunities for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. I was so excited when one of my inaugural teams was the Division 3 champs!

Rogue Cornhole

When Rogue Cornhole started ten seasons ago, I was asked to be a sponsor of the newly formed league, and of course, I said yes! Rogue Cornhole is a fun, socially minded, LBGTQ+ inclusive non-profit that betters our community through fun competition and raising funds for local non-profits.

Arts on the Block

Five years ago, RMC commissioned Arts on the Block (AOB) to create our settlement closing gifts for clients. AOB is a non-profit organization in Montgomery County with one of the longest-standing visual arts apprenticeship programs in the region. Full disclosure: My son (not the football player) is the Board president of AOB.

If you would like to know more about any of these great organizations, please contact me.

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